[5 Easiest Ways] How to Download YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the biggest on-demand video platforms in the world and people really love to download their favorite videos and watch them later.

If you want to download videos to watch them later, we need to learn how to download YouTube videos exactly. We can download videos into many formats like AVI, MP4, MOV and more, depending on different tools.

Even, we can convert YouTube videos to mp3 and save only audio file and YouTube thumbnails too.

There are many ways and tools to save YouTube videos. We are going to see all the ways and best ever tools that can help us to download YouTube videos efficiently.

Steps for How to Download YouTube Videos ?

It is a very simple process to download YouTube video. The fastest way is to use any video converter or downloading tool for that. There are many tools available all over the internet but we have to select the best possible YouTube Downloading tool.

And as per our experience the best tool is 4K download.

4K Video downloader
4K Video Downloader Software

4K Download can work with any OS of your computers (Windows, Mac & Linux). It offers many advanced features like downloading playlists, batch downloads and saving videos in HD qualities like 720p, 1080p and 4K (The feature we liked the most).

We are also having an option to download subtitles while saving the video from all the available languages.

Try 4K Download Now and get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Easy Steps to Use 4K Download : YouTube video downloader.

1. Download 4K Download : YouTube Video Downloader Software

Click here and go to the website and click on the Download menu. It will open a new page, where you will find the list of Downloads. (Check the image below).

4K Download : Downloads page
4K Download : Downloads page

There are multiple options available to download since 4K Download is available for mac, Windows and Linux as well. Download the installer according to you computer OS. Then run & install it.

2. Run The Software

Once the software gets installed, Run it on your computer and open it. You will see something like below.

Open 4K YouTube Video Downloader

Now head to the YouTube video, you want to download. Copy the URL of the video and come back to the 4K Download again.

And then click on the green Paste button at the Top-Left corner of the window. It will start the loading process. Once the process gets completed, you will see the another window having all the details of the YouTube video. Now let’s complete the downloading process.

3. Complete The Download

Now the YouTube video details should be available there on the window.

Youtube video download available options

You can see that the window is having all the details of the YouTube video including Title, Thumbnail, Duration, Quality Options to download, size and file format too.

You can download subtitles as well in this 4K Downloader. There is Download Subtitle option which is having the list of all the YouTube subtitles available in different languages. Select your preferred one.

Check the box to the video quality you want to download and set the download location by clicking the Browse button.

And then hit the Download button at the bottom of the window. This will start the downloading process and your video will be downloaded with in few seconds.

There are many other fee tools as well, but the paid versions provide higher quality, Ease of use, No Ads, HD quality options like 1080p and 4K and high quality support as well. Therefore, we recommend using paid versions.

What features to look for in The Best YouTube Downloading Tool?

  1. Quality Options: The tools must have quality selection option like Low, Medium or High before downloading a video. It is better if a tool can provide specific video resolution options like 360p, 720p, 1080p, and more. This is the key feature of a YouTube video downloading tool. 4K Download has it.
  2. Subtitles: We all know that watching a video having different language is easy with subtitles. The tool must be able to download subtitle files as well while downloading videos. Tool must provide the list of all available subtitle options. So that we can select from it.
  3. Multiple File Format: Depending on use cases, You may want to download videos in different formats like MP4, MOV, AVI and MP3 sometimes. Having multiple options to choose the format can be very useful sometimes and avoids delay of converting into required formats.
  4. Playlist Downloading Compatibility: This is the most useful option which should be present in a tool. Suppose you want to learn any skill from YouTube, and the complete course (with 50 videos) is wrapped in a playlist. In addition, you want to download the whole playlist.
    It will be a nightmare to follow the same process for 50 times to download complete playlist. It will be much easier if we can do the same thing with a playlist link.
    At 4K Download, you can download complete YouTube playlist in a single click.
  5. Speed: The download and convert speed should be faster in a tool. If the tool is taking longer, then it annoys everyone.

How To Download YouTube Videos Online?

If you don’t want to download YouTube videos on regular bases but only once, or few times a week, Using a free online tool will be the best option (Only for lower qualities).

In that case, follow the steps below to download the video.

y2mate : YouTube Video Downloader
y2mate : YouTube Video Downloader
  1. Go to the video on YouTube you want to download and copy the video URL.
  2. Go to y2mate.com (You can use any other tool).
  3. Paste the URL we just copied in to the red box shown in the image above.
  4. Hit the start button and you will have multiple options.
  5. Choose your preferred quality and format, and then click on Download button next to it.
  6. And the downloading process will start and video will be downloaded to the computer.

Some of the available tools online allows you to download YouTube videos in many formats like WMV, MPG, AVI, MKV, MOV, WEBM, HTML5 OGG, 3GP, and more.

How Do You Download YouTube Videos Directly?

It is not necessary that you always have to use any tool to download YouTube videos. You can accomplish the task directly from YouTube by tweaking the URL. This option is only recommended if you want to download videos from YouTube not too frequent.

Here are the steps to do it.

1. Go to the video

Open YouTube in your browser and go to the YouTube video you want to download.

2. Copy & Edit the URL

Now copy the video URL showing on the search bar of the browser.

3. Paste & Edit the URL

Now paste that URL in the search bar of new tab. Now you need to edit URL. Simply add ‘ss’ after the ‘www’ but before ‘youtube.com’. (Check the Example below)

If the copied URL is like

The Edited URL should be like below.

We have added the word ‘ss’ only before the YouTube. Then hit the Enter on the keyboard.

3. Go to the redirected site

Now the browser will redirect you to the online tool where you can download the videos. You will be able to see that text input will already have the video link. So you don’t need to click the start button.

Also your video will be ready to get downloaded. All you have to do is to click the download button and your video will be downloaded within a couple of seconds.

You can also choose the format and quality from the available options next to Download button before clicking the download.

Download YouTube Videos with Browser Add-Ons.

Some of you might feel board working with URLs. Moreover, many of you will not prefer to use any third-party tool to download the videos.

Using the browser add-on is a better and quick option.

1. Find The Add-on.

Thanks to the community because we can find add-ons for almost everything now a days.

There are lots available add-ons, which can download YouTube videos.

Add-ons can be added to browsers from their add-on stores accordingly. Like for Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

Here is an example of an add-on called “Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express” which is suitable for Firefox.

YouTube video download Firefox extension

2. Install Add-on to the browser

It is very easy process to add add-on in the Firefox. Also it is the same for other browsers too.

For Firefox, go to the link of the add-on and Click on the blue ‘Add to Firefox’ button.

Once the add-on has been added to the browsers, It might ask for some permissions. Allow that permission to it. And You are done.

3. Go to the YouTube

Now, head to the YouTube video you want to download. Once you are there, you will see the green button before ‘subscribe’ button below the bottom-right corner of the video. As shown in the image below.

The Options might be different depending on browsers and Add-ons. They might look like any of the below.

  • Quick download
  • Download panel
  • Conversion tool
  • Settings
  • Download As

4. Choose Format and Download Video

Next, click on ‘Download As’ and you will see the list of available options with file format, Video Quality and Size.

Click on any of them and the video will be downloaded to your system.

This way, add-ons can be very helpful in the process of downloading video from YouTube. No matter which browser we use, without using an add-on, we cannot get any options to download video.

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free With VLC Media Player?

Yes, you heard it right. There is a hack using which you can download YouTube videos with VLC media player into your windows or mac computers. It is very easy and simple process with VLC Player.

First you have to download and install and VLC media player if you do not have. Below are the steps to go ahead.

(Here is a guide for both: Windows and mac. Keep following the one you are at.)

1. Go to YouTube Video And Copy The URL.

Head to the YouTube Video you want to download in your system and then copy the URL of the video from the search bar.

2. Open VLC Media Player.

Keep the VLC media player open before copying the video URL to make the process faster. Once you have opened the VLC media player.

3. Go To : Media > Open Network Stream

Once VLC media player is opened, Head over to the ‘Media’ option in the toolbar, and click on it.

Next, For Windows Users: click on the option ‘Open Network Stream’ .

VLC media player , Open network stream

For Mac Users: The flow will be like this : FILE > OPEN NETWORK

VLC mac open Network

4. Open Media

Once you have clicked on the option asked above, one pop-up will appear called ‘Open Media’ like the image below.

open media

You will find a text input there on that pop-up. Paste your YouTube Video URL you have just copied.

5. Click on ‘Play’ button

Once you have pasted the URL in to the text field, hit the ‘Play’ button. And the video will start playing.

To be honest, some of the videos might disallowed by creators to play anywhere else except YouTube. In that case, the video might not start playing and you can’t continue the process.

However, if the video starts playing, then it’s a good news. You can download it.

6. Go to Tools > Codec Information

Once the video start playing, don’t keep watching it. We are here to download it. Ha ha!

For Windows users:

Go to the ‘Tools’ menu on the Menu bar and there will be an option called ‘Codec Information’.
Click on that ‘Codec Information’ option and a new pop-up window will appear which will look like this.

codec information
Codec information

The same window can be opened with a short cut key as well, which is CTRL + J.

For Mac users:

Go to the ‘Window’ menu on the Menu bar and there will be an option called ‘Media Information’.
Click on that ‘Media Information’ option and a new pop-up window will appear which will look like this.

mac media information VLC

7. Copy The URL and Paste it in The Browser

In that pop-up window, you will see the field called ‘Location’ at the bottom of that page.

FYI: The value in that location field is the exact location, from where the video is being played now.

Copy the value in that ‘Location’ field and paste it in new tab of the browser and hit enter.

8. Download video from the browser

Once you have pasted and hit the enter button, the video will start playing on the browser.

Now right click on the video and select the ‘Save Video as’ option from the menu. As shown in the image below.

9. Complete the download

The downloading process will start now. The format of the video will be MP4 and the file name will be ‘videoplayback’.

Once the video is downloaded completely. You can rename as per your reference and save it with your other videos at your preferred location.

This process seems bit lengthy, but it is very simple once you start using this method.

The other options like using a Browser Add-ons and Online Tools like y2mate.com is very simple and faster.

However, this is also a way, so that we decided to include it here in this article.

How Do You Download YouTube Videos on Mobile Devices ?

Downloading YouTube videos to mobile is bit tricky. Since we are not getting the direct URLs or paths in the YouTube mobile app.

But we have solutions to that.

There are two types of mobile users, Android and iOS. Please follow the guide accordingly.

Option 1. For Android Users.

If you are an android person, then there is an app called InsTube. This app makes the downloading YouTube Video process super easy at free of cost.

InsTube App

All you have to do is to click on the ‘Free Download’ button on the webpage. And it will start downloading an .apk file. Once the download gets completed.

Install it on your phone and start using it.

FYI: This app can download videos from 100+ sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram TikTok etc. So we can say that this app is an all in one solution download videos from any sites in your android mobiles.

Option 2. For iOS Users.

And if you are an iOS person, you can’t use the InsTube to download YouTube videos since it’s available for android users only.

The only way to get this done is to subscribe to the official ‘YouTube Premium’. It is going to cost you $11.00 / Month. But it is worth paying.

You can download and watch the YouTube videos in high qualities directly in to YouTube app. This option is more legit and it becomes very easy to manage all downloads with in YouTube app.

Moreover, this subscription will grant you access to the Premium version of YouTube Music as well. So not only you can download or stream videos but music also.

And the biggest benefit is that it will stop showing ads to you on both apps, Youtube & Youtube Music, since you are a premium member now.

Personally, This ‘Ad Free’ is a thing, which promoted us to buy the premium YouTube subscription.


Here we have presented some of the best ways to download YouTube videos. According to our experience and opinion, 4K Download – it’s the best tool for video quality as well as mp3 conversions.

Using this tool, you can download your favorite YouTube videos easily in your computer. And this way, you can watch them anytime even without internet connections.

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