We all have heard the word ‘optical illusion’ where there is not the thing as we see them or in other words we can say that our brain can’t believe the eyes !

In this era of social media we face hundreds of amazing photos daily on Instagram and Facebook like a man showing bravery by standing on cliffs, Gorgeously cooked food , and stunning portrait photography.

It looks amazing and satisfying ! Right ? But it is not as simple as it looks. It takes hundreds of minutes and too much human effort to create such beloved things. Here are some behind the scenes you will love to watch !

Beauty comes from the #OUTSIDE !

Super cars !

Perfect ?

There is world out there ! Open a window

Ammm ! Water is life (of photos)

No caption for this one !

Fellowship !

Looks good even without edit !

Hats off to you Photographer bro !

Thanks to Adobe Inc.

Ohh ! Lady

The professional way

I love your company, Lady !


Why , tell me why ?

Expressions !

My Favorite !

That hard work i was talking about !

Poor husband !

Photography is costly ! Why ? Here is the answer !

Do capture my sandals as well as hairpin !

If you have that kind of behind the scenes, Comment to get featured !

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