Here are ten things girls should not lie for healthy relationship status.

1. Be Transparent

I know , I know , It is not easy being completely transparent with somebody who you’ve just begun a connection with, but it is vital for healthy relations ship.

If you have anything about your past which bothers you, then spit it out, do not keep things for afterwards.

The more transparent you’re with your partner, the healthier the connection stays. It is going to have a great deal of work, but it is worth it.

2. Your Age

Hmm ! This is only one of the very delicate topics for girls, but it is vital to let it outside. Don’t lie about your age ever for healthy connection. If he’s interested, age does not matter.

if you are uncertain about showing your age, it might only make him uncertainty personally. Keep it clear always. Because if you are going to make your life happier, these are the things that should be disclosed to each other.

3. Your Previous Intimacy

Majority of women will differ with this. But, guys respect women that are open about their past connections. If you are open about all the priors and tell him precisely because it’s before the connection, he’ll always expect you.

Girls should not bring up their previous sex life at the center of connection. As it may decrease the confidence level of relationship. Sometimes, because you try to hide these things, it may result in the end of relationship.

4. Cooking Abilities

Don’t consider yourself as a cooking queen once you can not make a nice meal. Do not guarantee him Italian foods and exotic dishes once you can not create them.

It is okay if you can’t cook delicious dishes properly. You both are together to be the best in every part of life. It clearly make sense that you both are not perfect, but trying to be the best for each other.

But if you lie about that, it may very well cost you later on.

5. Life after marriage

It is a huge misconception in girls that should they bring up the subject of union, it will immediately Scare away the man. That is not correct. If your connection is as powerful as you believe it is, it ought to be quite reassuring to speak about a future together.

We’re all in relationships to produce a better life . Why wait and be fearful? Tell him the way you need to be following union, your goals in life, the home you’d wish to get with him, the children you would like, the places you want to visit and all. Just open up!

6. About His Female Friends

It is human nature to feel confident about the ones that you love. Girls, if your man has plenty of female friends and he is a bit too friendly with them, let’s understand.

When it’s coming to the point at which you are constantly thinking about him hanging out with his female friends, and you are concerned about it, let him know that you are not alright with that behavior. If the guy truly loves you, he should stop that and even not argue.

7. The real you

It is fine to pay yourself in make-up and also to behave the way he would like you. But If you conceal the real you for an elongated period, it may go very badly for you.

He loves you for who you are not for how you look. Men love simply a woman who is true to himself and to them. Keep it true, dear girls.

8. Your Bedroom Activities

Don’t ever tell a man he’s the best you’ve ever had unless it’s the actual truth. You may want to feed his ego, but it won’t work that way if you’re lying.

If you tell him he’s the best then he has no room to improve. Compliment him but don’t overdo it. He’ll appreciate it the realness.

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